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Yosa Buson
The Plot Spot Summary: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

The Plot Spot plot summary:
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Alexander McCall Smith (2002)

ISBN-13: 978-1400034772

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Chapter One: The Daddy – Mma. Ramotswe was the only lady private detective in Botswana. At the foot of Kgali Hill, her office held two desks, two chairs, a telephone, and an old typewriter. She was a good detective and a good woman. After her father died, she had set up the detective agency with the proceeds from the sale of his cattle. He had scrimped and saved his entire life so that hers could be better. After a slow start, she was rather surprised to find that her services were in considerable demand.

One of her earliest clients was Happy Bapetsi. Happy had a successful career, but she had been raised without a father. When a man appeared at her door claiming to be her father, she was skeptical. She wanted to be a dutiful daughter and take care of him, but not if he was an imposter. She asked Mma. Ramotwe to discover the truth for her.

Mma. Ramotswe doubted the man would submit to a blood test so she decided to take a lesson from King Solomon in the Bible. She borrowed a nurse’s uniform and arrived at the house proclaiming that the man’s daughter had been in a serious accident. Her situation was critical and the hospital needed so much blood from a family member that he could die in the process. The man quickly admitted that he was not Happy’s father. Mma. Ramotswe made him pack his things, took him to the nearest bus station, and warned him never to bother the woman again.

The Plot Spot summary:
The Plot Spot summary: Biblioteca Di Bella Arti, Milan, Italy
Biblioteca Di Bella Arti, Milan, Italy

Chapter Two: All Those Years Ago – Obed Ramotswe left for South Africa when he was finally old enough to work in the mines. He stayed there for fifteen years, always sending home his savings to buy more cattle. He would have stayed there even longer, but one day he witnessed a murder in the mines. He had no choice but to flee before the villains found him. He had survived the dangers of the mines, but in the end the dust still got him.

Chapter Three: Lessons About Boys and Goats – Obed’s wife died in an accident soon after he returned and he was left to raise his daughter, Precious, alone. But luckily he wasn’t alone with this responsibility. His cousin’s husband had left her because she was barren so Obed invited her to live with them and help raise the child. There was never cause for complaint and she nurtured the qualities of curiosity and awareness in the child’s mind. Precious enjoyed Sunday School the most because it taught her about good and evil. She knew that much of it was lies, but they told the truth about good and evil. When Precious was old enough to go to school, the teachers all praised her Aunt for the great start to Precious’s education.

Precious’s cousin stayed with them for eight years until she found another husband. Obed and Precious were sad to see her leave, but were sure that she would have a happy life.

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