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Gertrude Stein
A Bend in the River

The Plot Spot plot summary:
The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown (2009)

ISBN-10: 0385504225

ISBN-13: 9780385504225

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PROLOGUE: HOUSE OF THE TEMPLE The Temple Room was located just blocks from the White House. The initiate was told to take the oath by the master, a middle-aged American icon of power and wealth. The initiate had lied to the group from the first, and by taking the oath, they would unwittingly teach him their deepest secrets.

1. Robert Langdon had been reviewing Masonic symbology when he dozed off on his flight to Washington D.C. He was on his way to meet his mentor, Peter Solomon. Upon landing, a limo was waiting to take him to Peter at the Capital Building. Ten miles from that building, a lone man was preparing for Langdon's arrival.

2. Ma'lakh was now a 33rd degree Mason, but he knew that that alone wouldn't grant him the secret that he desired. He had fasted for 2 days in preparation for Langdon to give him the secret. Only a small patch on the top of his head remained without a tattoo. Ma’lakh intended to fill that patch once he learned the secret. He painted himself with concealer to get ready for the evening.

3. As Langdon approached the capital building, he took a break from reviewing his Masonic notes to look out upon the city's monuments. He had been surprised to receive a 6 am call from Peter that morning. Peter had desperately needed Langdon to fill in as the keynote speaker at the Smithsonian's annual donor gala.

4. Ma'lakh needed to conceal a metallic object when he arrived at the Capital. Therefore, he used a sling and bandage and told the security guard that he was wearing a ring which he couldn't remove.

5. Peter’s sister, Kathrine Solomon, had heard some upsetting information about her brother that day. She didn't believe it could be true. Then Ma'lakh called her to let her know that the item her brother thinks is hidden in DC can be found.

6. Langdon strode into the U.S. Capital auditorium with the clock striking the hour. As he entered, he knew that something is terribly wrong.

7. Katherine entered the Smithsonian Support Center. Peter had brought her to the Center to further her Noetic sciences studies. Her lab was kept secret even to those who worked in the Center. She was now working on something so advanced that it didn't even resemble science.

8. The U.S. Capital auditorium was empty; the Rotunda was also empty. Langdon found a docent who was unaware of any lecture that evening. He took out the fax he received that morning from Solomon and called the number listed on it. The man who answered the phone scolded Langdon for not confirming the lecture with Peter personally.

The Plot Spot plot summary
The Plot Spot plot summary: State Library, Victoria, Australia
State Library, Victoria, Australia

9. The man on the phone said that Langdon would have to meet him if he wanted to save Peter's soul. He implied that he would kill him if Langdon didn't do what he wanted. He said that Peter had told him how to find a secret ancient portal that Langdon would be the only person able to open it. Although Langdon didn't know why he had been chosen, the man on the phone told him that he would find out soon. Moments later, Langdon heard a scream from the Capital Rotunda.

10. The screaming was caused by a severed hand discovered on the Rotunda floor. Langdon knew that it was Peter's hand from a ring on one of its fingers. The thumb and index finger were both pointing toward the ceiling.

11. Katherine couldn't figure out why Peter was late for their weekly meeting at the center. She still didn't know what she was going to say about what she had learned today. The only other secret he had ever kept from her was when he built her this state of the art lab three years ago. Over the last six months, her work had uncovered some of the most transformative scientific discoveries in history. Soon enough she would publish and shock the world. As she entered the pitch-black walkway to her lab, she again wondered where her brother could be.

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